Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Opening Remarks

Here is the first post for The Cutting Edge , a blog dedicated to the art of laser cutting, radio control airplanes and engraving. My name is Jes. For the most part, I will be the mouthpiece for this project. Yes, I am a girl.

My boss's name is Eddie, Ed, or Action Ed if you were prefer. He's the one who knows a LOT more about this stuff than I do, as he's been doing this since before I was born. 43 years of experience in model control airplanes. So yeah, he knows what he's talking about.

You'll see some pictures, how to articles, or whatever else piques our interest.

Comments are welcome...e-mails, replies, heck, even snail mail. Because feedback is cool. And we want to know if you guys and girls like our little blog.

Occasionally, if not a lot, you will probably see Lazer Works being mentioned. This is our bread and butter. Lazer Works is a site that caters to the laser cutting of short kits for model airplanes. A lot of these are vintage so you probably won't see these around.

We also do engraving, which, to me personally, is pretty dern cool. You can do a lot of awesome stuff with that laser. But more about that later (or you could just check out the site for examples (*winkwink, nudgenudge*)).

I don't want this to sound like a walking advertisement but we are a business, so there's going to be some promo. But don't worry, it shouldn't be too painful.

So I end this post with a "hello" and a welcome to The Cutting Edge. Take a look around, grab some pretzels, and let the good Heh.